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Hanse 315 - A Tale of Three Little Yachts...

It’s the new little model from Hanse that’s achieving big things…and best of all putting a smile on owners’ faces!

We caught up with three owners who are using their new yacht in very different ways. They did have one thing in common though…they’ve all found it simple to sail and a whole lot of FUN!

First up, we asked Team Windcraft’s sailing advisor, Ric Hawkins why he thinks the Hanse 315 ticks all the boxes?

It's one of the easiest boats I've ever sailed!

It's one of the easiest boats I've ever sailed!

In Ric’s words…

“It’s simple and easy to sail for the beginner but it’s also got the performance for someone with experience. And will put a smile on their face! For me, it’s just a great all round performance boat.

It’s for people who like the feel of a sports boat and people who are new won’t be scared of the boat. It’s a simple set up and FUN!”

So whether you love the thrill of Twilight racing, a relaxing cruise around the waterways or you’re a complete novice and ready to launch into a new hobby… the 315 ticks all the boxes!

Love Racing? Meet David Bushell & 'Sail La Vie'

Love Racing? Meet David Bushell & 'Sail La Vie'

In Ric’s words…

This is David’s second boat from us. He’s had a Hanse 415 in the past and bought the 315 so he can enjoy a bit of club racing.  He’s now getting into the competitive side. We just went out to test the new genoa and gennaker. And just under genoa we were pacing the weekly Weds afternoon Royal Prince Alfred fleet!

The boat was surprisingly good against bigger, racier boats. Conditions were nice and the boat went well. It’s a joy to sail as a sailing boat… almost like a 30 foot dinghy!

It’s easily handled in any conditions and yet still good enough where family can go away with you. Especially because of the great interior headroom.

While we were out sailing Dave had the biggest grin on his face. He was raving about how good it was. and how much fun. He said, “This is fantastic. It’s just so relaxing to sail because it’s so simple.”

David comes from a background of Skiff racing and has traded in his Hanse 415 for the Hanse 315 for a bit of fun racing with a small crew. We caught up with him to ask more about why he chose the 315…

Q. So why did you swap the 415 for the smaller 315?

David – I had a Hanse 415 but circumstances changed and I wasn’t getting out and using it for cruising as I’d intended. So I decided to opt for the smaller 315. It has everything that the 415 has…and more!

It’s smaller and easier to manage and I just wanted to have some fun. And do some club racing, perhaps some small overnighters and the Team Windcraft Port Stephens Sailaway.

I do intend on doing Wednesday afternoon sailing and the Twilights…And I’m really looking forward to doing more racing.

I’m finding the Hanse 315 lively and fun!

Q. What about cruising?

David– It’s certainly capable. But I’m going to concentrate on racing. The 415 was heavily optioned. I’m going down to get the safety audit and once I’ve done that I want to get really stuck in to the racing.

Coming from a racing background, it’s been quite a number of years since I’ve had the opportunity to get involved.

The 315 will be certainly easier to race than the 415 in that respect. I don’t need as many crew. And it will be a bit of fun to get out there and mix it up with the big boys.

Q. How have you set up your Hanse 315 for racing?

David – I’ve set it up with gennaker and genoa and I’ve got the upgraded sails. North Sails did the genoa to a high spec and I may give it a tweak.

All the focus on those sails is on racing. So I’m just trying to give it whatever edge I can give it. A lot of the boats I’m racing against are much bigger and that’s ok. It doesn’t worry me. I just want to get in there and have a go.

Although it has the self-tacking headsail, I won’t race it single-handed. But I could race it two handed because the other configuration with the main sail is very good. And very Skiff-like in many ways.

Another advantage is that I could do it single-handed if I really want to race and can’t get another person.

Love Cruising? Meet Craig Rixom & 'Altona'

Love Cruising? Meet Craig Rixom & 'Altona'

Craig is one very happy owner of Hanse 315, ‘Altona’. A dedicated windsurfer, he wanted to introduce his two children to sailing and sees the 315 as the perfect weekend cruiser.

In Ric’s words…

“Craig previously had a racing boat. He was going to buy the bigger model – the Hanse 455 and he eventually wants to end up with a Hanse 588. But in the meantime while he’s got young kids, it’s the perfect boat for him.

He went for a smaller yacht because it’s easier to handle as a family boat.  With the self-tacker,  the set up of the boat is much easier.

It’s almost like a little performance dinghy weekender that you can take away with you. It ticks all the boxes for family fun and it’s very cost effective.”


Family Fun

Family Fun

In Craig’s words…

“I’ve purchased the yacht to get the kids into sailing. It’s very simple to sail and I just wanted a boat that I could just jump on turn the key and everything functions.

We’ll use it as a day sailing yacht, head up the harbour for a picnic and head home. If we can get the kids loving sailing then our goal is to get a bigger boat. We are looking at the 588 for the future.

It’s a great little boat. I’m very happy with the way it performs. It sails really easy and it’s just what we wanted at this stage.”

Fast Sailing

Fast Sailing

In a recent interview for “Sails Magazine” Craig said…

“we brought the boat back from Pittwater under jib and full main in a 20-knot – nor’easter, and it was sitting around six to seven knots. Things got a bit more interesting in the infamous funnel through the heads. I looked at it (the wind-speed indicator) and it was 32 plus knots” he recounted smiling.

“We were doing 11 and half knots. I put two reefs in it, we were coming down the harbour doing seven or eight knots – phenomenal,” he enthused.

New to Sailing? Meet Wayne Ormandy & 'Phantasea'

New to Sailing? Meet Wayne Ormandy & 'Phantasea'

Wayne is one lucky man, his yacht, ‘Phantasea’ was the first Hanse 315 to arrive in New Zealand. Wayne came to Windcraft as a complete novice and has come a long way in a few months.

In a recent magazine article with “Boating NZ” he commented…

“It’s proving to be a nice easy boat to learn. There’s nothing complicated about it. For people who want to become proficient sailors, it’s ideal because it’s easy to handle but there’s enough performance there to practice with and improve your skills”

Light Interior A Selling Point

Light Interior A Selling Point

He is also impressed with the interior. Telling  Boating NZ…

“there’s more space below deck than you’ll ever believe with the natural light from long windows.”

“I’m enjoying it and living onboard is very nice and comfortable”, says Wayne, “I’m not tall but headroom is perfect and it’s as warm as toast inside during winter. We’ve got lots of different systems in the window hatches – with blinds and insect screens, which work well.”

Team Windcraft’s NZ Manager Dom Lowe, says that for many buyers, the interior volume is a big selling point.

As a first time yacht owner, Wayne took his time to choose the right yacht. He told Boating NZ that he researched five yachts among different brands and had demo sails on three, before he committed to the Hanse 315.

“There was nothing I asked for that Hanse or Windcraft didn’t do”

A New Hobby & A New Life!

A New Hobby & A New Life!

Since the handover Wayne and his partner Liz are loving life on board. A delivery skipper took the yacht from Auckland to Nelson in the South Island and Wayne hopped on to help for the last leg.

The couple have since bought a new home with a view of their beautiful new yacht in her berth at Nelson Marina.

They are both keen kayakers. Liz sails a Laser but Wayne is completely new to keel boat sailing. Not a newbie for long though as he’s joined the local yacht club and absolutely loving his new hobby!

Step On Board the Hanse 315

Step On Board the Hanse 315

Three new owners and three very different ways of having fun on such a versatile, affordable yacht.


You can come and check out the Hanse 315 for yourself.

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