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New Release From Hanse
New Release From Hanse

Hanse 458

 Hanse Trendsetter

The Hanse 458 is a distinctive and powerful performer. It combines seaworthiness and elegance, sportiness and comfort, functionality and design.

Key Features of the Hanse 458

Sleek deckline design – Large cockpit with ergonomic plotter pods – helmsman seats with integrated BBQ and washbasin – All halyards, sheets, trimming and reefing lines run completely covered by the deck to the aft helm positions. Self tacking headsail – Elegant coach roof with 13 openeable  hatches – Performance rig – L-shape keel with strong high quality stainless steel bolts – Elegant hull-deck joint with solid and safe bulwark – Vinylester hull –  carbon composite main bulkhead providing a stiff and direct mast – keel connection– Six hull windows– Choice of 3 or 4 cabins
Top end luxuries, like super-yacht style pop-down cleats, are standard on the 458. All exceptional features for a yacht of this size.

Deck, Interior & Layout

And More Great Features...

  • New Design L shape keel
  • Jefa yacht steering system
  • Double anchor arm for a code zero
  • Optimised staircase angle of 50°

And a solid level bathing platform that’s just one step down and offers easy access to the water for swimming and for boarding smaller watercraft. And if you’re out cruising with the family?… you can sail the 458 single handed! All lines lead aft to the cockpit. Choose the electric halyard winches and with the Hanse self-tacking headsail… sailing is a breeze.

Trend setting Interior design

You can design your 458 to suit your lifestyle with seemingly endless combinations of interior wood and upholstery finishes.

A glance at what’s new on the 458 compared to the previous model:
  • Exclusive new woods and decors
  • Coloured upper cupboards in soft tones
  • High quality wall panelling

Stories from the 455 the best selling predecessor

Philip (Fil) and Eleanor (El) are doing what most people can only dream of…leaving their 9-5 jobs, selling up the family home and cruising around the world with their young son, Aiden.

It’s been a life long dream for Fil and one that he was determined to achieve in his early 40’s. They pick up their brand new Hanse 455 from Slovenia in May and will embark on an epic 12 month world trip. Read their story

Hanse 455 - Setting Sail in Slovenia

Remember Fil, El and Aiden? The young family that sold up everything to live their dream and sail around the world?

Well… they have picked up their brand new yacht, ‘Tranquilo’ and have set sail in Slovenia.

Their first port of call is the historic town of Piran.

They’ve made a great video to introduce their new yacht and show us around their ‘new home’.

More here

How do you set up a Hanse 455 to Sail Around the World?

Before Sydney family, Fil, El and Aiden set sail on their new Hanse 455 from Slovenia they made a great “behind the scenes” video of the European handover process with Windcraft Representative, Tom Barker.

Tom goes through all the essential checks and takes the family out for their first test sail and shows them how to hoist the spinnaker. They also test out the new energy generator.

Fil and El also reveal some specialist sailing equipment that will help keep them safe and comfortable on their epic round the world adventure.

Read More and Watch the Video

Windcraft Founder decides to Buy his family a Hanse 455

Retiring Windcraft boss Peter Hrones is treating himself to a Hanse 455 to sail on with his family.

This is a sure sign that there’s something special about this model…

While Peter’s new Hanse 455 is being built at the factory, we asked him why he decided on this particular Hanse model?

And he shared a list of top features that were important to him.

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Hanse 455 News & Reviews

Feb 2017 - Boating New Zealand Review

Following its 2015 debut, Hanse’s mid-sized 455 cruiser (13.95m LOA) has quickly become one of the marque’s most popular models. And with eight sold here so far, the yacht’s shaping up as New Zealand’s favourite Hanse.

I’ve sailed plenty of Hanses and I’ll confess it becomes difficult to find another way of saying how easy they are to handle.

Instead, I’ll pass the baton to the owners of this brand new 455, who took delivery of her just before Christmas and departed four days later on a maiden 10-day cruise around the Hauraki Gulf.

Nothing remarkable in that – other than they had never sailed before and that this is their first-ever yacht.

Read more…

Hanse 455 Sailing Review

To write that 45ft (13.7m) is the new 35ft (10.6m) is, on the face of it, patent nonsense. But when it comes to yachts there is at least an element of truth lurking within this goobledigook.

A few years ago, a 35-footer was about the standard size for a cruising yacht- the happy medium that many of us aspired to. Times have changed, however, and I would venture to suggest that nowadays that measure of the average-sized yacht we aspire to own is closer to 45ft.

Which brings us rather neatly to the new Hanse 455 – launched toward the end of the year by the German boatbuilder with the aim of cornering this lucrative sector of the market.

On recent evidence, you’d have to say it has done just that, with sales of the yacht in UK in 2015 well into double figures.

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Phillip Ross Reviews Hanse 455

On the outside you look and think, yes it is a Hanse. But in a lot of ways this is quite a different beast to previous Hanse’s.

From the design table of Judel/Vrolijk the hull is shaped to provide more performance. In the quiet day we took it for a spin I was indeed impressed with its light wind speeds; in only 4.5 knots of breeze we could point under 30° and still do 4.5kts.

Note, these speeds were with the standard selftacking jib. I noted the headsail did lose a bit of its fast shape when the breeze got over ten knots, but it is still more than adequate for cruising.

It should hit theoretical hull speed of 8.5kts in 16kts of breeze at 60° true wind angle. About standard for this size.

A noted downside of a self-tacking jib can be a lack of sail power when sailing off the wind.

This is probably where Judel/Vrolijk come in with a fast hull shape and the inclusion of the asymmetrical Code 0 on a Selden furler. Read more here

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