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Boating New Zealand April 2018

“We did heaps of research before deciding,” says Harley, “and were taken by her excellent sail area-to-displacement ratio. And the Judel-Vrolijk design team is, of course, highly-regarded. But most importantly, the boat’s easily-handled by a small crew and can be sailed single-handed if necessary.” 

Boating New Zealand joins new Hanse 418 owner Harley and family in Windcraft’s annual owners Rally to test the replacement to Hanse’s popular 415. 

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January 2018 - Ocean Magazine - The World of luxury Yachting - reviews the Hanse 548

The Hanse 548 will easily please those looking for an all-rounder shorthanded cruiser.

Experienced world cruisers Frances and Michael Howarth had a list of must have’s in their search for a new yacht easily sailed by one or two people.” We have to admit the Hanse 548 ticks all of our boxes and at a price point that is remarkable,given what you get”

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March 2017 - Boat Sales - Hanse 315

The hot new entry- level yacht with the lot from the big German yard

The German manufacturer Hanse is doing an excellent job with its latest 315. This new sail-cruiser has been swamped with praise since its launch last year. That’s because she is a ‘proper yacht’, that can sail offshore yet is reasonably priced.

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Feb 2017 Sails Magazine Hanse 315

Small is Beautiful – Hanse has released a completely new entry level cruiser but as editor, Scott Alle discovers, innovative design ensures the 315 boasts the space and comfort normally found on bigger, more expensive boats…

The company’s entry level cruiser has nearly all the amenities you would expect of a larger offering, cleverly configured in a compact package, which has significant advantages over its larger stablemates…

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Feb 2017 Boating New Zealand Hanse 455

Following its 2015 debut, Hanse’s mid-sized 455 cruiser (13.95m LOA) has quickly become one the the marque’s most popular models. And with eight sold here so far, the yacht’s shaping up as New Zealand’s favourite Hanse.

I’ve sailed plenty of Hanses and I’ll confess it becomes difficult to find another way of saying how easy they are to handle. Instead, I’ll pass the baton to the owners of this brand new 455, who took delivery of her just before Christmas and departed four days later on a maiden 10-day cruise around Hauraki Gulf. Nothing remarakble in that – other than they had never sailed before and that this is their first-ever yacht. Read the full review.

October 2016 Boating New Zealand Hanse 315

Wayne Ormandy describes himself as a novice in sailing but he seemed pretty relaxed when we met for a sail at the Tasman Bay Cruising Club, Nelson. His new yacht Phantasea, the first Hanse 315 in New Zealand, is near the marina ramp, prime spot, and moored stern-to so that stepping aboard on the lowered transom is easy.

“It’s proving to be a nice easy boat to learn,” Wayne says. “There’s nothing complicated about it. For people who want to become proficient sailors, it’s ideal because it’s easy to handle but there’s enough performance there to practice with and improve your skills.”

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Hanse 315 Yachting World Review January 2016

Hanse Yachts may have found a healthy formula for success with its larger yachts, but its entry-level Hanse 315 proves that size bears no relation to enjoyment afloat.

We found in our test – see the full report in Yachting World February 2016 issue – that she is perhaps the best compact production yacht launched in recent years. Read full review here

Hanse 455 December 2015 Review

On the outside you look and think, yes it is a Hanse. But in a lot of ways this is quite a different beast to previous Hanse’s.

From the design table of Judel/Vrolijk the hull is shaped to provide more performance. In the quiet day we took it for a spin I was indeed impressed with its light wind speeds; in only 4.5 knots of breeze we could point under 30° and still do 4.5kts. Note, these speeds were with the standard selftacking jib.

I noted the headsail did lose a bit of its fast shape when the breeze got over ten knots, but it is still more than adequate for cruising. It should hit theoretical hull speed of 8.5kts in 16kts of breeze at 60° true wind angle. About standard for this size.

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Hanse 415 September 2016 Review

“Handsome addition to the Auckland Fleet. Like its earlier sisters, it emphasizes comfort, performance and ease of handling within a contemporary and distinctive design. The interior is modern and bright, with plenty of opening hatches to admit light and fresh air. A striking design and functional feature is the centerline overhead double hatch, with fore and aft opening to allow breeze to flow whether or anchor, or moored.

Considerable attention has been devoted to ease of handling, making short- handed racing or cruising a no-stress affair. “I even intend to do some single-handed sailing and wouldn’t hesitate to take it out on my own.”

The mainsail hoists straight out of its permanently mounted zip-up boom cover with electric winch taking care of the gruntwork. The self-tacking jib makes tacking a simple matter of turning the wheel. Sheet winches fail easily to hand with plenty of stoppers and an automatic anchoring system makes sloping in and out of bays effortless.” Read the full review here

Hanse 455 June 2015 Review

To write that 45ft (13.7m) is the new 35ft (10.6m) is, on the face of it, patent nonsense. But when it comes to yachts there is at least an element of truth lurking within this goobledigook. A few years ago, a 35-footer was about the standard size for a cruising yacht- the happy medium that many of us aspired to.

Times have changed, however, and I would venture to suggest that nowadays that measure of the average-sized yacht we aspire to own is closer to 45ft. Which brings us rather neatly to the new Hanse 455 – launched toward the end of the year by the German boatbuilder with the aim of cornering this lucrative sector of the market.

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Hanse 575 Club Marine June 2014

“If you didn’t believe Hanse could possibly come up with a better cruising yacht, you were wrong – meet the Hanse 575.

In the modern idiom of cruising yacht design the balance between maximising interior volume, optimising sailing performance and maintaining hull lines that avoid such critical epithets as ‘bulky’ and ‘heavy’ is rapidly reaching its peak.

With each new model release, German yacht­ maker Hanse and its design team seem driven by their motto – Breaking Rules, Setting Trends – to take this three­cornered challenge to its apex.

And the Hanse 575 is their latest product in this search for cruising design’s Holy Grail.Once on the water, the 575 takes on a wholly different appearance from her dockside persona, with the low coach roof, clean deck, topside ports and waterline graphics creating a gratifying look that belies the height of her sheerline.”

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Hanse 505 Trade a Boat Review June 2014

“Hanse Yachts can’t seem to do much wrong these days. In the hands of its Australian distributor, Windcraft, the brand has established itself Down Under in record time.

Hanse’s attributes of ease of sail handling, good fit and finish, wide model range and great value for money have left many formerly strong competitors struggling in its wake.

The competition won’t get much succour from perusing the specifications of the new 505 that offers fast cruising performance and below- deck layout flexibility that should suit buyers ranging from passagemaking couples to eight-berth-plus-one-crew charter operators.” Read the full Trade a Boat Review here

Hanse Yacht Review February 2013 – Hanse 415 SEA Magazine Southern California

“One fun boat” in “one sweet package” is a great way to describe the Hanse 415.

The positive review highlights the bold styling, practical interior, precision finish and Hanse trademark features like the self-tacking headsail.

You know you’ve made a good impression when the journo thinks “I wouldn’t mind owning one of those!”

“The new Hanse 415, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, is a no-nonsense, good-looking speedster but is so easy to handle, it comes off as a tame.”

“… the interior is a sleek, practical design with clean, minimalist lines and functional furniture.” Read the rest of the review here

Hanse Yacht Review February 2013 – Hanse 415 Australian Sailing+Yachting

This is a great story as much as a wonderful review of the Hanse 415. And the moral of the story… follow your dreams! Skipper owner Jezy Burgiel was in a debilitating mining accident that would change his life forever. After 7 months in the hospital, 15 operations, an amputation and 8 years of physical, financial and personal recovery, he’s moved on… literally.

Experts convinced the couple that a 44 footer was probably too big an ask for an inexperienced husband and wife team, so they looked at the Hanse 40.

When the drawings of the 415 were released, Jezy and Cherie were finally hooked and placed the order against the advice of many of their friends at home. “They thought we were crazy putting all that money into a boat,” Jezy recalled... but my brother who died from cancer in February begged to differ. He told me to follow my dream and that’s what I did.” Read the rest of the review here

Hanse Yacht Review February 2013 – Hanse 345 Yachting Monthly UK

What more could a boating journalist ask for arriving at work on a beautiful Autumn morning in Southampton?

How about a fresh Force 6-8 wind from the WSW and building!

Nevertheless, the Hanse 345 got a full 5 star rating for “coastal port hoping” and 4 stars for “tradewind voyaging.”

“Deep-heeled, I expected the rudder to go but it gripped relentlessly and we never lost control.”

“Hanse excels at providing a home away from home and the 345 has everything you need to sail away without compromising comfort.”

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Hanse Yacht Review December 2012 – Hanse 575 Trade A Boat

Check out this Hanse 575 review all the way from her home in Hamble Point Marina, United Kingdom.

“Low on cash and down on crew? No worries, Hanse has the answer with the new 575 — the value-for-money big-boat for the shorthanded sailor. 

Hanse has really made strides to meet the competition head on and in doing so has developed a large, good-looking, family-friendly cruiser that’s a doddle to sail and has oodles of room.

At a price that is hard to beat and with that tender garage aft distinguishing her from the competition, it would seem that Hanse has set its rivals a mountain to climb.”

Read the rest of the review here.

December 2012 - Yachting World's Test of the New Hanse 575

Hanse 575 is aimed at a couple so what’s she like to handle in breeze? You’ll think this boat is a lot to handle, but everything is actually easy to manage! With her huge volume and comfortable accommodation, the Hanse 575 offers impressive home-from-home comfort. Watch the video review here: On test: Hanse 575

Hanse Yacht Review August 2012 – Hanse 415 The West Australian

Not feeling worthy of pursuing your sailing dreams due to lack of experience? Well think again!

Be inspired by the owners of “Misty Eyes”. Their limited boating experience was overridden by a strong passion for the sea and a lifelong dream. They started sailing lessons and pride themselves on being fast learners…

“…the 415 is something completely new in state-of-the art sailing. In fact, the user-friendliness of this sleek machine is the very reason the new owners decided to buy it.

One would think if you’re going to pay more than $300,000 for a boat, you would be a fairly experienced mariner. Not so.”

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Hanse Yacht Review August 2012 – Hanse 495 Boating New Zealand

When you’ll be welcoming guests who’ve never been to sea before on board your yacht, keeping them safe and comfortable while still enjoying an on-water experience is paramount, and the new Hanse 495 makes it easy. The German-built Hanse 495 looks like a safe, relaxing cruiser, so when Hanse New Zealand agent Tony Newmarch offered us a sail on the second 495 to reach New Zealand we couldn’t say no.

Wellington’s weather was freezing but there was plenty of warm air wafting up the 495’s companionway thanks to the (optional) diesel-burning heater. The deck and topsides are well-insulated (and stiffened) by thick balsa cores and the companionway is well protected from spray so the saloon is a warm, dry haven.” Read the rest of the review here.

Hanse Yacht Review July 2012 – Hanse 385 Boating New Zealand

In less than a year the Hanse 385 has become the German company’s best selling yacht. The 59th boat off the production line has just arrived in New Zealand so Lawrence Schäffler took her for a sail to find out what’s so appealing. “The 385 is the smallest in the revamped range of 5 Series Hanses and follows hot on the heels of her three bigger sisters, the immensely successful 445, 495 and 545. Like them, she’s been penned by the formidable Judel-Vrolijk team and the same genes are present: plumb bow, clear decks, flush-mounted hatches,a powerful rig, twin helms and a spacious, airy interior. Like them, she’s also a dream to sail. Hanse’s yachts have always enjoyed a reputation for hassle-free handling and easy, short-handed sailing but the 385 lifts the bar by quite a margin. Liquidity is the first 385 in New Zealand and belongs to Auckland’s Wally Fitness who bought the boat “off the brochure”, sight unseen, but his preliminary research included tours around (and sails on) a number of other Hanses, and he says he was sold on the marque’s quality and easy-handling traits“… Read the full review here and also check out this owner video review of the Hanse 385.

Hanse Yacht Reviews 2012 - Hanse 415 Offshore Yachting Review

“Reading the words ‘Jefa Steering’ on a wheel boss almost always means a happy day at the helm and the 415 is no exception.  Jefa builds the 415’s steering system in Denmark as a unit, even adjusting the tension before it’s shipped off to Germany and dropped into place.

It feels wonderful… there was never even a hint of losing grip.  She’s ocean-certified but has been designed primarily for family friendly sailing in friendly conditions. Prodigious beam saves ballast in the T-keel and combined with plumb ends this means a sporty Displacement/Length ratio.

The mast has been moved aft reducing the aspect ratio of the self-tacking jib by giving a longer foot…” Read the rest of the review here.

Hanse Yacht Reviews 2012 - Hanse 455 Offshore Yachting Review

“For the salty dogs of yesteryear the concept of the modern cruising yacht – as realised in the likes of the Hanse 445 from the Windcraft team – would be a thing of horror: no ropes to pull, no logs to trail, no bilges to pump, no stoves to prime and, worst of all, no isolation from the rest of the world.

But perhaps the greatest shock for our cruising predecessors would be had when confronted with the galley floor, while the built-in Nespresso coffee maker is standard issue on all Hanse yachts now (sorry girls, George Clooney is not included in the options package).

Read the rest of the review here.

Hanse Yacht Reviews 2012 - Hanse 385

Hanse has established itself in a relatively short time frame as a brand that virtually all purchasers of cruising yachts or cruiser/racers must consider. Hanse’s yachts are well-known now for their excellent value-for-money, ease of handling and good resale values.

The German boatbuilder exploited the concept of a yacht with a self- tacking headsail that was easy to cruise, but also easy to hot-up for club racing with an overlapping headsail and spinnaker gear.

Below decks, clever design made maximum use of space and it’s in this area that the new 385 leads this yacht-length category.

For cruising, main and jib one- speed trim can be done entirely from the starboard helm and for club racing with a crew the winches can be controlled individually as powered two- speeds. But what if the measure of a good day’s sailing was the sheer fun of it all?  Read the rest of the review here.

Hanse Yacht Reviews 2012 - Hanse 495

You could be forgiven for thinking sailing is all about winning. For the competitive spirit is alive and well, palpable even at this time of year.  You can feel it at the start line for the 67th Sydney to Hobart, with a fleet of 80-plus yachts; as the Melbourne to Hobart Eastcoaster and Westcoaster races set sail; as locals look forward to the Festival of Sail (formerly Geelong Race Week), where some 400 yachts will tack the bay from January 26 to 29; and Australia Day regattas right around the country. Read the rest of the review here.

Hanse 445 Yacht Review - New Zealand

“Like any enterprise fighting to survive the global economic meltdown, yacht manufacturers have had to get creative to maintain market share” writes Lawrence Schäffler.

“Germany’s Hanse decided to reinvent its line-up in reply to similar moves by many of its competitors, and their work has met with great success.

The new 5-Series range (32’ to 54’) is a terrific make-over for the fleet, with long-time collaborators Judel-Vrolijk & Co again providing the design smarts and aesthetics. The boats are sleeker, more spacious and, if the 445 is anything to go by, faster and even easier to sail than their predecessors.

Kallisti (Greek for ‘most beautiful’) belongs to Auckland sailor Lindsay Kennedy.  She’s the first of the new series to arrive in New Zealand ( a 385 and two 495s arrive early in the new year) and she’s a head-turning debutante.”  Read the rest of the review here.

2011 Hanse 495 Yacht Review in Sydney Morning Herald

The Hanse 495 sails with a swift, Phantom-like ease, writes David Lockwood.

Nick, an anaesthetist, is no stranger to boats. For several seasons he owned and operated a 9.5-metre and then 11-metre sport and game fisher. But his recent switch to sailing has been a real shot in the arm. Not only is he having more fun, the servicing costs are considerably less and wind is free…Read the full review here.

Allan Whiting tests the Hanse 325 and 355 for TradeaBoat

Not everyone wants or can afford a large yacht. That’s why I reckon there’ll always be a place for smaller yachts with good performance and quality inclusions: to suit those with restricted budgets and those who don’t need the physical constraints of a big boat. Hanse agrees. The 2011-year 325 and 355 are like peas from the same pod, but one’s a bit bigger than the other.  Being Hanses, the new 325 and 355 were ridiculously easy to sail, thanks to self-tacking headsails. Here’s the full Trade a Boat Review.

Allan Whiting takes the Hanse 445 for a Test Sail for TradeaBoat

When you descend the companionway of the new Hanse 445 the impression is chic-apartment rather than boat… In a market where the boys might look mainly at the deck and the bits above it, while the girls are more influenced by what happens below, the new 445 kicks some feminine goals, for sure. But the 445 isn’t just a floating house: the sailing package is true dual-purpose.

Want to read the full Hanse 445 yacht review?…Head here for the full article