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Hanse 385 - A Family's First Year

A Geelong Race Week win is just one of the highlights of this past year for Megan Jackson and her family. Pretty impressive when you discover it was on a boat they initially bought as a family holiday home!

Megan, husband Mark and their two daughters, Amelia and Grace have owned their Hanse 385, “Cocoon” for twelve months.

And the Geelong win is not the only achievement this year…

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Why Wait until you Retire? Sailing the World on a Hanse 455 with a Young family

Philip (Fil) and Eleanor (El) are doing what most people can only dream of…leaving their 9-5 jobs, selling up the family home and cruising around the world with their young son, Aiden.

It’s been a life long dream for Fil and one that he was determined to achieve in his early 40’s. They pick up their brand new Hanse 455 from Slovenia in May and will embark on an epic 12 month world trip. Read their story

Buying a Hanse 415 to Charter is about Seizing the Moment

Winter in the Whitsundays, Summer in Sydney…sounds like a dream doesn’t it? But for Hanse 415 owner, Ross Smith he’s living that dream and sooner than he thought.

He believes it’s all about seizing the moment…

And it all started unexpectedly while he was out to dinner in Darling Harbour.

We caught up with Ross to hear the full story…

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From Pittwater to the Med on a Hanse 575

Ever dreamt of cruising around the Greek islands on a brand new yacht but worried about the cost?

How about if that new yacht is only a sixth of the price?

Well… with Yacht Share Mediterranean you can cruise the Med for a fraction of the price and that’s just what Peter and his partner Jinko did…on a new Hanse 575!

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Around the World on a Hanse 455

Sailing over 17,000 miles in 21 months with a non-sailing wife (who also preferred not to swim!!)  didn’t deter John Colebourne  from chasing a dream and wanting to tick a few things off the bucket list.

Luckily, wife Shelly was up for the adventure and after 9 months of meticulous planning they picked up their new Hanse 445 “Falshator” in Croatia and the journey of a lifetime began…

They crossed two major oceans, explored beautiful places like the Greek islands, Caribbean, Galapagos islands and Fiji to name a few …and won a yacht race! (first place in the Malolo Classic Regatta in Fiji)

They arrived back in New Zealand in November 2015 with plenty of stories to tell us…Read their story here

How a Sailing Newbie became a Single-handed Skipper and Competitive Racer in a few months…

Drew Price took delivery of his Hanse 385 “Time Out” in June 2014. Unlike most new buyers he was a relative newcomer to yachting having only taken up the hobby less than two years before he took to the helm.

Yet in this short time he has achieved great things.  He’s sailing single-handed, he’s raced in regattas and been placed 2nd in a challenging night navigator race. And he has big plans for the future…

Windcraft’s Nick Jones has been there from the beginning and is helping Drew to get the best out of his yacht. He often crews for Drew and takes a phone call most Mondays to chat through the weekend’s sailing events and answer questions on technique. So how does a sailing newbie achieve so much in such a short amount of time? We caught up with Drew and Nick to find out… Read More Here

Novice 385 Sailors have Fun Learning to Race

Hanse 385 owner Susan O’Reilly describes Friday night racing at Safety Beach Sailing Club… or as Susan titles her story…

Calamity Amity and her Friday night pursuits!

“I’ve just perused Friday night’s results….and there she is again: Amity DNF.

Oh the shame! I can tell you we DID finish… We just obviously didn’t know HOW to do it right!

It’s almost 12 months since we collected our beloved Hanse 385 from Sydney, and sailed her from Pittwater NSW to Victoria (despite people telling us we were ‘very brave’ as we are complete novices!)

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They say you regret the things you don’t do… but is this Lunacy?

Lunacy is the name of Mat and Ally Shepherd’s new Hanse 445.

Why? Well is it crazy to sell your house, buy a yacht and plan a 6 month trip up the East Coast of Australia with 3 young children?

Or is it an inspired choice for a hard working couple who want to give their children an adventure and teach them life skills they could never learn in a classroom? Are Mat and Ally smart because they understand that time with their young family is too precious to waste?

Full of Smiles

When we caught up with Mat and Ally they were full of smiles… the family are loving their time on the boat. Each day after school they head out for sunset sails and pasta. The children are loving seeing the whales and dolphins and inviting their friends along for the ride.

For Mat having his own yacht is a life long dream. He’s always sailed and when he was a kid he used to float different shaped pieces of wood in water to see which cut through the water best.

He loves the sleek hull of his new yacht and Sunday racing is the highlight of his week. Ally loves the layout of her new floating home saying “it’s perfect for a family of 5”. We’ll be sure to let you know their dream sail up the coast goes. If you’re ready to live the dream – contact your local Windcraft Office. Read More Here

Sailing the World on a Hanse 445

Nick Black is just 29 years old. He’s worked hard and saved his cash and now he’s heading off on the adventure of a lifetime.

First stop is Germany to pick up his brand new Hanse 445 and he’s planning to spend the next year sailing back to Australia… and having plenty of adventures on the way including entering the ARC race.

Nick chose to sail round the world on the Hanse because of the build quality, the self tacking headsail and stylish interior. He’s added a water maker, smart telecommunications, solar panel and wind generator. He’s hoping to have some fun on the downwind legs being towed along by an army parachute.

Good Luck Nick from all of us at Team Windcraft. Read More Here

Simon and Helen Sail their Hanse 385 from Europe to Australia

“We’ve sailed from the Baltic down to the UK, past Biscay and down past Portugal into the Med. We did a quick loop of the Med and back out to join the ARC rally crossing where we spent a few months in the Caribbean. Since then we have sailed through the Panama Canal, over to Galapagos and then to French Polynesia.

We still have a few months of hopping back to Sydney and hope to be back around the beginning of Nov 2015. We’ve had no issues bar a few minor wear and tear items.

We love the Hanse 385 and have been really impressed with her performance especially in some of the tough conditions we’ve had lately.  Everyone we’ve invited on board has been blown away by the space in the cockpit and below decks in what is basically a 37′ boat”.

You can read more about their adventures here.

Tony and Annie Jimmieson Chose a Hanse 370e and Sailed around the World

For many years Tony Jimmieson was an architect and his wife Annie a psychologist.

Then in 2008 once their 2 sons were grown up and independent they took the plunge and bought their Hanse yacht Sunburnt.

At that stage Tony had been sailing for about 15 years and completed the yachtmaster shore-based and offshore course. Annie on the other hand had never sailed and didn’t particularly like the water!

“We had talked about driving round the world in a 4WD but first before we got too old and sick Tony wanted to sail round the world. I agreed to 3 – 4 years of sailing. We both really like travelling and didn’t want to vegetate once we retired.

We have never previously owned a boat… ”

Read more here about the tory of their adventures told in Annie’s words

Hanse 375 owners Living the Dream

Deanne and Paul Koelmeyer bought a Hanse 375 in 2010. At that stage they had limited sailing experience but were determined to discover the world of blue water sailing.

We caught up with them (and Nicky their 14 year old dog) after a fantastic passage from New Zealand to Sydney.

Tell us about the learning curve you have been on for the last 4 years.

It’s been steep!” said Paul

“We started by going out with a friend, who was a seasoned sailor and helped us enormously. But we realised quite quickly that the only way to really learn was to immerse ourselves in it. We did a lot of reading, used our common sense, learned from our mistakes and bit by bit our skills grew.

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Hanse 370 Fly South

 Rick and Jan are cruising around Australia on their Hanse 370 – “Fly South”. They spent winter of 2015 sailing from Darwin to Perth through the spectacular Kimberley region of Western Australia.

A trip highlight was the King George Falls… In Jan’s words…

“…a spectacular start to the adventure putting the bow under the falls with 30 metres of water at the front edge of the falls.”

And it’s not just stunning scenery… they’ve had their fair share of wildlife encounters along the way… including crocs!

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Nick Robson Compared New Yachts for Sale and Chose the Hanse 495

Hanse 495 owner Nick Robson is relatively new to sailing. Nick was a power boat owner for many years ended up spending more time out fishing with friends than with his family. Nick’s wife bought him some sailing lessons and the winds of change started to blow.

Nick’s first yacht was a Hanse 430 and with the help of Team Windcraft’s technical sailing advisor Ric Hawkins the Robson family were quickly enjoying great times on the water in their new yacht. We talked to Nick on Video about his Hanse 495. Read More Here

Frank Stevens talks about his first year with Hanse Yachts and his trip up to the Whitsundays

‘I’m wrapped!’ Frank beams.

‘Buying this boat has been a great decision. Rainbow is everything I wanted and more.

My kids and grandkids just love her. I’m a fun Grandad! And as far as the sailing goes this boat is better than I thought.

I am delighted with the balance of the boat.

For example when we go to windward I can just rest my hand on top of the wheel and helm with no effort. In the gusts she points up slightly and then settles. There’s no effort needed on my part.

I’ve had some really good sailors on board – including my mate who sailed in the Olympics and my instructor from the RYA – and they all comment on how beautifully Rainbow handles and how great she sails.

I’m so looking forward to the journey North. We’ll have a fabulous winter in the Whitsundays – I may even enter the Hamo Races…’

Frank looked at used and new yachts for sale before settling on the Hanse 400. Here’s the story of his first year with Hanse yachts. Read More Here

Hanse 325 – Good Things Come in Small Packages

Al and Sue McIver compared a number of new yachts for sale before they finally chose their Hanse 325.

Al loves sailing her…

‘The self-tacking headsail is a huge bonus. It just makes sailing so easy. I can’t wait to the sail her down to Sydney Harbour and test her out in the twilights on the Lane Cove River.

The centrally mounted mainsheet is easy to dump – as Sue is not really a sailor I need the mainsheet available easily to me on the helm – and this arrangement works really well. The 325 is also really easy to park – she’s really responsive in reverse. More from Hanse 325 owners Al and Sue McIver. Read More Here

Howard and Coorain tick off one from the Bucket List

Howard Dare and his good ship Coorain embrace the towering seas and high winds to enjoy the magical surrounds of Port Davey Marine Reserve.

Coorain was the first Hanse 400e into Melbourne and Howard has had many an adventure on her, often with fellow Hanse owners or owners to be.

The reserve is huge over 17,000 Ha and extends inland for more than 20km.

The underwater landscape is fascinating where tannin-rich freshwater lays on top of saltwater forming a dark blanket.

Unique marine species exist in these waters and endangered birds inhabit the untouched coastline.

Visitor numbers are less than 5,000 a year, and then mostly by light plane into Melaleuca where they land on a hand-built short airstrip. There are no permanent residents in the reserve. It really is a un touched wilderness.

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