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Hanse 455 - Owners Chris and Kate get to know their New Home

“…it doesn’t feel like a boat we hired. It feels like home.”

…these are words from new owner Kate after her first night onboard her Hanse 455 – “Bilbungra”.

After the celebrations and handover day, Kate and partner Chris spent 3 days getting to know their yacht , with a little extra help from Team Windcraft’s Technical Sailing Advisor – Ric Hawkins.

With Kate’s limited sailing experience they decided to book three 2 hour sail training sessions with Ric to familarise themselves with their new yacht.

Sailing Familarisation Lessons with Team Windcraft

Kate wanted to gain more confidence at the helm, so that Chris could do more of the rigging and technical crew work when they are out sailing as a couple in the future.

They spent the first session on the wharf talking through the theory and getting to know their new yacht.

For Kate this was an enormous help as she said that they could talk through systems and strategies without the added complication of being out the water.

The second session they took their yacht out for a sail. There wasn’t much wind but perfect conditions for getting to know the sailing rig.

On return Chris found it hard to get the yacht back into the tight berth but Ric was on hand to help and give expert coaching.

Then Chris, Kate and their two fur babies took off to spend their first night onboard their new home, away from the wharf.

Chris planned this so that they would be using offshore power…

And it was a chance to see what might need tweaking before venturing further away.

They both described the evening as “so relaxing”, especially after 4 years of stressful jobs.

Next morning they sailed back for their third training session.

Ric went through more technical sailing tips, including reefing of the main sail with Chris, while Kate gained more confidence steering. 

By the end of the third session Kate was feeling really confident at the helm.

As first time boat owners Chris and Kate described the 3 sessions with Ric as invaluable.

They were particularly impressed with Ric’s patience and teaching methods.

After 3 days getting to know their new home we asked Kate how it felt to be finally on their yacht and she said,

“It is so surreal, this is ours, not just a holiday, this is our new life.”

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