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Why do Robbie and Phil need a Second Large Sailing Yacht?

Robbie Hayes Hearse and Phil Hearse already own ‘Anteater Blues’ a Hanse 461… yet they’ve decided to buy a second large sailing yacht, a Hanse 495.

I was curious about the thousands and thousands of cruising and racing miles they’ve covered so far… and why they want to be a two Hanse family.

It turns out their story is, quite simply, one of shared passion… for sailing.

As Robbie puts it…

crossing-gibraltar-straitWe like to sail, whether cruising or racing, all the time’ They both developed a love of sailing and boating early in life.

Phil grew up on fishing boats in and around Victor Harbour in South Australia. He was given his first dinghy when he was 8. Robbie was introduced to sailing in dinghies and small cats in Edithvale Victoria at 13 and instantly loved it. This lead to Keel boat racing on Sydney Harbour in her early twenties. Robbie and Phil met – through sailing – in 1975 in Papua New Guinea and spent their first few years together cruising this region and the western pacific, crossing the Coral Sea 3 times. Obviously it worked well… since they’ve spent the last 35+ years racing and cruising together!

As well as covering thousands and thousands of blue water miles, they’ve also completed the 2002 Sydney to Hobart and the 2007 ARC transatlantic rally.

I asked Phil what he looks for in offshore sailing yachts

sailing-the-atlantic‘First up an ocean going yacht must be fast. Obviously smart route planning helps you to avoid bad weather… but good speed is also vital. Once you set off you need to get where you’re going quickly. Offshore sailing yachts also need to be strong and preferably technologically advanced’.

Robbie talks about the large sailing yachts they’ve owned

‘I can honestly say we have loved every boat we have ever owned. Our first ‘Anteater’ was a Beneteau 45F5. She was a great boat and we did the Sydney Hobart in her. Our first ‘Anteater’ was a Beneteau 45F5.

She was a great boat and we did the Sydney Hobart in her. We were very happy with Beneteau, but when it was time to upgrade we really liked new radical and streamlined look of the Hanse. The Hanse was more technologically advanced at the time and we felt she would suit our needs as a racer/cruiser.

And so ‘Anteater Blues’ was launched. She’s a fabulous boat and we’ve had a wonderful time cruising the Baltic, North Sea, Europe and the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Bahamas and southern USA.

finishing-arcWe also competed in the racing Division of the ARC (Atlantic Race for Cruisers) in 2007. Anteater Blues did extremely well racing in the ARC finishing 5th on IRC and 2nd in her Division, out of 25 racing yachts in the 250 yacht event.

In summary she’s fast and strong and handles everything the weather throws at her with ease.

We always feel safe on board. And of course like all Hanses she’s easy for two people to manage and comfortable and easy to live on. She’s back in Australia now. After sailing from Sydney we’re enjoying exploring the West Coast around Perth.’

And what’s drawn you to the new Hanse 495?

‘We see the 495 as the new evolution for Hanse yachts. It’s a brand new style and we want our new yacht to have a very different feel, look and characteristics from Anteater Blues. We’re really looking forward to getting out sailing in her later this year.’

And the obvious question… why own a second large sailing yacht?

arc-start‘Well because of our age and desire to sail permanently, the weather cycles make it difficult to cruise all year round in the same location.

So for 6 months of the year we’ll be sailing and working in Perth on Anteater Blues.

And the new Hanse 495 will be our European/Caribbean boat for the Australian winter.

We’ve already chosen her name it’s ‘Kondili’.

The name comes from an Aboriginal dreamtime legend from the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal people native to the Murray Mouth near Goolwa in South Australia.

Kondili was a powerful tribal man who kept the secret of making fire in his feet. When he was stabbed by jealous fellow tribesmen he transformed into the powerful Southern Right Whale’.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about their adventures in the strong and powerful Hanse 495 Kondili.

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