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Hanse 355 For Bear Cottage – The Campaign Story

Jessica Watson Sails Harry’s Story on Sydney Harbour

“This is an experience I will never forget” smiled Husam Dajani at the end of the 2 hour sail on Sydney Harbour with Jessica Watson… it was incredible to be out on the water with such an inspiring sailor.”

Husam won his Hanse 355 Harry’s Story in the raffle 355 for Bear Cottage.

The prize also included the experience money can’t buy… a two hour sail with solo round the world sailor Jessica Watson.

“We had a wonderful sail” said Husam. “We set off from the CYCA – which was exciting because the whole place was buzzing with preparations for the Sydney Hobart Race. Then we enjoyed a lovely cruise taking in the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Jessica gave me some great sailing tips.

She particularly emphasised how important it is to learn every job on a boat and not just concentrate on one area. Jessica is a truly inspirational person and this is an experience I will never forget.” Team Windcraft would like to thank Jessica Watson for donating her time to help the Bear Cottage Campaign.

jessica harrys story 3

jessica harrys story 4

jessica harrys story 5

Happy Days!

bear-cottage-handover-125th August was a perfect Pittwater day with gorgeous high blue skies and a 10-15 knot North Easterly breeze.

Husam Dajani and his son Sami had huge smiles on their faces when they arrived to collect their new yacht.

As with every handover, Team Windcraft’s Nick Jones spent the first part of the day with going over the Hanse 355 from bow to stern with the new owners. Nick made sure they were totally comfortable with every aspect of the yacht’s operation.

Then finally Husam got the chance to take the helm of his new yacht. Husam and Sami headed out onto Pittwater with Windcraft’s Mary and Nick to enjoy a test sail and some lunch.

Husam was delighted with his new Hanse 355 – ‘She’s so easy to sail’ he smiled.

Then it was party time.

Team Windcraft’s Peter Hrones thanked the huge number of generous sponsors and volunteers who have helped this yacht raffle become a reality. Many individuals and organisations have given their time and services either free or at much reduced rates and of course this means more money goes directly to Bear Cottage. Next Husam Dajani thanked Club Marine for donating insurance for the new yacht.

Everyone was delighted to hear that Husam and his family will be sailing the yacht from Middle Harbour Yacht Club and keeping the name ‘Harry’s Story’.

And then the moment everyone had been waiting for… the presentation of the cheque.

Windcraft’s Mary Bickley jumped on board Harry’s Story and proudly handed the huge cheque for $252,511.91 to a smiling Matthew Seidl CEO of Bear Cottage.

Matthew was clearly absolutely delighted. ‘This will make a big dent in our annual running costs’ Matthew said.

And finally Gilly Paxton Director of Community Relations and Marketing from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network thanked Team Windcraft for such a successful and innovative fund raising event. She presented Windcraft’s Peter Hrones with a Bandaged Bear trophy in recognition of Windcraft’s contribution and hard work.

bear cottage 6

bear cottage 3

bear cottage 4

bear cottage 5

Bear Cottage Boat Winner from Manly

the-winning-familyHusam Dajani from Manly admired the Hanse 355 on Friday at the Boat Show and bought the winning ticket number 3849 just 2 days before the draw.

He never thought in his wildest dreams that he would actually win!

When we called Husam with the news he was the proud owner of a brand new Hanse 355 yacht he thought we were joking!Once the truth sank in, Husam jumped on the Manly Ferry and spent the rest of the day on the 355 at the Boat Show.

Husam has now joined Middle Harbour Yacht Club and plans keep the name ‘Harry’s Story’ for his yacht. Husam has 3 sons and the family have recently taken up sailing as a change from power boating.

It’s very fitting that the yacht comes full circle to Middle Harbour where she was Christened and the winners are from Manly the home of Bear Cottage! We sold 4352 tickets which should enable us to give a donation of approximately $250,000 to Bear Cottage. The winner was announced at the Sydney Boat Show by Jo and Lyle Townsend.

Jo and Lyle’s son Harry spent many happy days at Bear Cottage and the prize yacht is named ‘Harry’s Story’ after him.

Team Windcraft’s bold fund-raising campaign to raffle a brand new Hanse 355 yacht and raise much needed funds for Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice in Manly has been a huge success.

winner 1

winner 2

27th July 2011

bc-keelThe prize Hanse 355 ‘Harry’s Story’ is now proudly on display on the hard stand at the Sydney International Boat Show between the Exhibition Halls and the Marina.

Check out the great artwork on the keel – the bear has been hand painted in grey anti-foul by Tom from Bayview Slipway.

Just a few hundred of the 5000 tickets remain.

Every cent now raised from ticket sales goes directly to Bear Cottage.

Mike Baird NSW Treasurer will be selling raffle tickets alongside the prize boat at 11:30am on Thursday 28th July.

On line ticket sales close 16:00 Friday and tickets will be sold at the boat until Saturday 14:00.

The announcement of the winner and presentation of cheque to Bear Cottage takes place at 10:45am Sunday 31st July in the Better Boating Lounge, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Harry’s parents Jo and Lyle will announce the winner.

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boat show

July 17th – Channel 7 Support Bear Cottage Campaign

Channel 7 got behind the Bear Cottage Campaign this weekend. At 7:20am the Sunrise team interviewed Matthew Seidl of Bear Cottage to find out more about this innovative fundraiser.

You can watch the program on video here.

Following the program there was a huge spike in on-line ticket sales – around 80% of the tickets are now sold.

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bear cottage channel

July 10th – CYCA Support Bear Cottage Campaign

CYCA-welcomes-355-2The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia had a special guest on Sunday 10th July…‘Harry’s Story’ – the prize in Australia’s first ever yacht raffle was given pride of place and the volunteer ladies in pink made to feel very welcome by the team at the CYCA.

CYCA Members proved yachties have big hearts.

They raised a huge $11,300 through the sale of raffle tickets in just one day.

Mark Woolf, CEO, says ‘The team at CYCA were delighted to support this fundraiser for Bear Cottage; the initiative is very relevant to our members.

Sailors intuitively recognize the need to work together as a Team to overcome challenges. Bear Cottage is the Team Player so many families across Australia rely on.’ Team Windcraft and Bear Cottage really appreciate the club’s support.

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A little bit of luck helps launch first yacht to be raffled.

poppy-brings-luck--1Sailors are a superstitious lot and for good reason with unpredictable weather and wild seas. At the launch this week of the first yacht to be raffled in Australia, a legendary ‘spiritual lifejacket’ was on hand to ensure the winners of the vessel would be blessed with good luck and never drown.

There are some things you should never ask as a sailor to do.

One of the worst is to bring bananas on board and for many years they preferred if you left women on the dock also. Killing a seagull or an albatross was sure to bring disaster as the birds carry the souls of dead sailors.

And if a shark was to follow your vessel… then death was a certainty, which seems a bit obvious if you fell over board. So the organisers of the raffle of the yacht for Bear cottage are taking no chances in making sure this vessel will always be in the favour of the gods. Sailing legend round the world sailor Jessica Watson is supporting the campaign and other top sailors like Ian Murray are also helping out.

However it’s a 6-year-old girl named Poppy who has been quietly making sure the decks are cleared of any bad spirits.  Poppy is not your average kid as when she was born she had the midwives of Manly Hospital in frenzy.

She was a ‘one in a hundred thousand’ birth and everyone on duty that day rushed to see the full caul delivery.

As Poppy came into the world, the waters or the amniotic sac remained in tact and she was cocooned in what looked like a big water balloon. The midwives were very excited and said she would be a great sailor and legend has it she will never drown.

In medieval times the caul itself would have been sold for large sums of money and hidden on boats to ensure good luck.

The caul child too was considered to be blessed with good luck and destined for great things and while Poppy is not exactly sure how she will excel in her later life, she was happy to do what she could for the good cause.

poppy-brings-luck-1After all she had been on hand to farewell Jessica Watson from Sydney heads and wished her luck as they waved to each other on the water.

Strange how before then Jessica had run into trouble travelling from Brisbane to Sydney when she hit a container ship.

Once Poppy power had been enlisted though it was all good sailing for Jessica right round the world.

So at the launch Poppy inspected every part of the yacht named Harry’s story which is named after a little boy who recently died. Poppy was very moved by his story and sad that he died so young. Poppy sat on the bow with Mary from Windcraft and thought of Harry and how unfair life was sometimes.

Poppy took some photos and made sure there were no bananas, just in case.Harry’s story will be a very special boat! Thanks to Poppy’s Dad Michael Troy for this story and photos.

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July 2nd – Family Fun

Life is not easy for Jo and Troy Edwards.

5 years ago their world turned upside down when daughter Kirrilee suffered a catastrophic brain injury from an undiagnosed illness.

Kirrilee went from being a normal 9 year old to a child needing 24 hour care.

The impact on the whole family was huge.

funThe Edwards have 6 other children Tarsha, Shavonne, Brooklyn, Mackenzie, Connor and Bailey.

Because Kirrilee is like a new born baby and bed-ridden the Edwards can never go out as a family. The children really miss out on having fun.

For two fornights each year the Edwards stay at Bear Cottage as a family. This their only chance for a break.

“For two weeks twice a year it becomes all about our other kids and not Kirrilee” said Jo

“They get to have fun. They can go bowling and to the movies. There’s even a play therapist for them at Bear Cottage.

And we can relax knowing Kirrilee is being cared for by the nurses at Bear Cottage. Troy and I can even get out for a meal” Today after the Christening of Harry’s Story Team Windcraft took the Edwards out for a spin on a Hanse 545.

The family are from the Blue Mountains and had never been on a boat before.

Jo and Troy clearly loved seeing her kids having fun. It was a perfect day to be out on Sydney Harbour watching the yacht racing and looking for whales and penguins.

Well over half of the 5000 tickets are now sold… which means every cent from ticket sales now goes directly to Bear Cottage.

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family fun

July 2nd – Prize Yacht is Christened

jake-champagneCrowds flocked to Middle Harbour Yacht Club on Saturday 2nd July to watch the Christening of the Raffle Prize ‘Harry’s Story’.

The Hanse 355 yacht is named after a gorgeous young boy called Harry whose journey ended just a few weeks ago at Bear Cottage.

Harry’s parents Jo and Lyle have supported this yacht raffle from day one and looked on as the Hon.

Mike Baird NSW Treasurer, Member for Manly began proceedings by explaining how significant this raffle is for Bear Cottage.

Mike showed obvious passion for the only children’s hospice in NSW. Mary Bickley of Team Windcraft then read the christening and Harry’s brother Jake poured champagne over the bow.

You can read a further story in Sails Magazine here.

Well over half of the 5000 tickets are now sold… which means every cent from ticket sales now goes directly to Bear Cottage.

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More photos available here

naming 1

June 26th – Mixing with Splendid Cars at RMYC

hanse-355-for bear-cottageDo motor enthusiasts like yachts?

It seems so! The Royal Motor Yacht Club’s annual Unique Car Show is always a well attended fun event.

This year was no exception with the crowds enjoying a glorious winter day, a wonderful exhibition of cars… and one gift-wrapped yacht.

The prize Hanse 355 ‘Harry’s Story’ was on display at the RMYC and many people took the chance to jump on board and take a look on deck and down below.

Many ticket holders were clearly planning sailing trips on ‘their’ new yacht.

Later this week Harry’s Story heads down to Sydney Harbour. The next major event is her Naming Ceremony at Middle Harbour Yacht Club on Saturday 2nd July at 11am – all are welcome.

Why not come along and take a look at the yacht you could win for $100?

Well over half of the 5000 tickets are now sold… so if you haven’t got yours yet buy one today!

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harrys story

June 20th Harry’s Story is Fully Commissioned

hanse-355The Prize Hanse 355 yacht is now fully commissioned and ready for her new owners.

It will be a very lucky person who sails away in her for just $100!

She is called Harry’s Story after a fun-loving boy who enjoyed fantastic support from Bear Cottage.

The yacht will be on display at RMYC at Newport on Sunday 26th June. Then she heads down to Sydney Harbour for the the naming ceremony at Middle Harbour Yacht Club at 11am on Saturday 2nd July.

Over half of the 5000 tickets are now sold… so if you haven’t got yours yet buy one today!

After all… you’ve got to be in it to win it.

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hanse 355 interior

18th June 2011

bearcottagesupport2-4Bandaged Bear hits the Streets of Avalon

A bandaged bear helped to sell tickets for the 355 for Bear Cottage raffle on the Streets of Avalon on Saturday.

The reception from the public was overwhelmingly positive – people rushed to get their ticket and support this fantastic cause.

We still smile at the thought that someone will sail away in a brand new luxury yacht for just $100!

Half of the 5000 tickets are now sold… so if you haven’t got yours yet buy one today!

After all… you’ve got to be in it to win it.

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bear support

17th June 2011 – the Bear is Gift Wrapped

355-wrapped-2The full commissioning process is now complete and the prize Hanse 355 is ready to go on tour.

Her next stop will be the naming ceremony at Middle Harbour Yacht Club at 11am on Saturday 2nd July.

The Hon. Mike Baird NSW Treasurer, Member for Manly will officially name the yacht and pour champagne over her bow.

We’d love you to join us on 2nd July…

… and in the meantime you are welcome to come down to Bayview and see this gorgeous yacht on our marina.

The yacht will also be on display at RMYC at Newport on Sunday 26th June. Half of the 5000 tickets are now sold… so if you haven’t got yours yet do it today! You’ve got to be in it to win it.

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June 3rd 2011 – The Bear Floats

After getting her pink antifoul the Hanse 355 prize was lowered gently into the water today.

She looks stunning. It will be a very lucky person who wins this yacht for $100!

bear floats

Buy Your Ticket On Line Today June 1st 2011 – The Prize Arrives

Ever seen a yacht in the in the air before?

It was great to see the prize Hanse 355 arrive safe and sound at Bayview Anchorage marina this week. Hanse yachts get to Sydney by container ship and then they are transported to Bayview by road.

A crane lifts the yacht onto the slipway for the commissioning work to begin. The first stage is the keel drop – the team at Bayview have commissioned over 200 yachts – so they’ve got this down to a fine art!

Mary Bickley Explains the Bear Cottage Campaign at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

2011 Sanctuary Cove International Boatshow. Mary Bickley, Team Windcraft


Watch the video:

May 2011 – Australian Sailing Legends Back the Campaign

jessica-watsonJessica Watson, who skippered Ella’s Pink Lady into Sydney Harbour in May 2010 to become the world’s youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world, is one of many notable sailors and celebrities to support the campaign.

Named 2011′s Young Australian of the Year, Jessica will take the winner of the Hanse yacht for [two hours] sailing on Pittwater north of Sydney. Others prominent supporters of the fund-raising campaign include America’s Cup yachtsman Iain Murray, Sydney businessman/sailor Marcus Blackmore, and leading tactician and helmsman Michael Coxon.

‘Bear Cottage must be supported and nurtured. Bass Straight at its worst is less formidable than the tough hurdles faced by these families,’ said Iain Murray.

Marcus Blackmore also said the raffle is supporting a very deserving charity.

‘There are very few places in Australia that have such amazing facilities and wonderful staff to support so many children and families who are going through such a heartbreaking and challenging time,’ Mr Blackmore said.

Michael Coxon, the MD of North Sails Australia, is a Sydney-Hobart veteran and a regular campaigner for charity. ‘Last year I sailed on the maxi yacht Loyal whose principal goal is to raise money for children’s charity. Meeting the great sporting and media celebrities associated with this worthy cause opened my eyes to the fact that all of us should help needy children through fantastic charities such as Bear Cottage,’ he said.

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March 2011 – Raffle Announced at Annual Pittwater Owners Rally

Endorsement Bear Cottage finalOn 26th March Windcraft announced their ground breaking fundraising campaign – the raffle of a Hanse 355 as the grand prize in an art union raffle. The surprise announcement was made to 200 members of the Hanse Owners Club at the prizegiving dinner at the 5th annual Hanse Owner’s Regatta. The raffle announcement provided a spectacular climax to a great day and Windcraft were overwhelmed by the positive and generous response to their bold plan.

The tickets, limited to 5000 went on sale to the public 2 days later. Windcraft chose Bear Cottage – an initiative of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead to be the beneficiary of this innovative fundraiser. Bear Cottage, located in Manly, is a children’s hospice – a very special place dedicated to caring for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. At Bear Cottage, every life, however short, is enriched, enjoyed and celebrated. Families do not pay for any services they receive from Bear Cottage, instead the $2.5 million required to keep the doors open each year are raised entirely by the community.

The extraordinary support provided by Bear Cottage was movingly portrayed at the event by the parents of seven year old ‘Harry’.

You could hear a pin drop during this emotive but inspiring speech about the journey of Harry’s family as they try to cope with their son’s very rare disorder. It made clear how vital financial support for Bear Cottage is.