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Windcraft Raffle for SWD

“Dear SWD My wife Gillian and I are the new proud owners of Amazing Grace, and are delighted to become members of the Hanse family. After talking with Mary, and getting to know the story behind this yacht, we have decided to participate in sponsoring your association.

I have just finished David Pescud’s book, that Mary lent me, and am very impressed with his life story and the challenges he’s faced. I couldn’t dream of a better way to start our new experience with Amazing Grace, than by contributing financially to your association and all its good deeds.

So on this Boxing Day of the 26th of December 2014, whilst David and his crew are preparing to sail Wot Eva into a new challenge, we are happy to present you with a donation of $ 5,450 rounding up the $ 174,550 received from Team Windcraft’s Raffle, to $ 180,000.”

All of us at Team Windcraft wish Jean-Claude and Gillian many years of happy sailing on board their wonderful new yacht.

September 2014 – Raffle Winner Decides to part with his Prize

“Prudence suggests that I sell the yacht and my heart knows that this has to be before I start sailing her and falling in love. She has raised a huge amount for Sailors with disABILITIES, I now want to let her go to a good home and go sailing.” John Scott – Raffle winner.

September 2014 – Peter Feels Like Father Christmas as SWD get $174,550.37 and John Scott wins a Hanse 345

Peter Hrones said he “Felt like Father Christmas” this week as he handed over the keys of the brand new Hanse 435 yacht to raffle winner John Scott and a cheque for $174,550.37 to David Pescud the founder of Sailors with disAbilities (SWD).

As Peter handed over the cheque to SWD he praised the charity for the fantastic work they do he said:

“SWD use sailing as a tool to offer people opportunity and to promote optimistic thinking. They change lives every day and we are very proud to be able to support their brilliant work. I feel like Father Christmas today dressed in red and handing out huge gifts.”

Peter also thanked the Windcraft team and all the contractors who donated time and services to help the cause. SWD’s David Pescud who recently won the Pride of Australia medal was clearly moved and incredibly appreciative of the donation.

He explained that the injection of cash would enable SWD to go forward into a new phase of development over the next two years allowing the charity to offer opportunity to even more people each year. “The most wonderful thing about this initiative is the support my sport of sailing has shown to SWD. I feel very humbled and very blessed.”

The winner of the Hanse 345 John Scott (already an avid SWD supporter) could not stop smiling as he took the keys to his new yacht.  Scott spoke to the crowd explaining that he felt unbelievably lucky that through supporting a good cause he’d won such an amazing prize. He said “SWD do great work and I hope that the increase in the charity’s profile thanks to the raffle continues to flow on in to the future.  I still can’t quite believe this beautiful yacht is mine – I’ve brought a friend with me today so he can keep reminding me it’s not a dream!”


Raffle Drawn at CYCA

The Raffle was drawn at the CYCA on 14th September. The winning ticket was number 1452 – John Scott from Sydney. John won a Hanse 345 yacht worth over $250,000. Sailors with disAbilities thanked everyone who bought a ticket and Windcraft for supporting SWD with this hugely successful fund raiser.

Morning Show August 29th

The Morning Show on August the 29th featured a great piece on the yacht raffle, Grace’s story and the hard work behind the scenes to make the raffle a success.

Mary Bickley explains the significance of the work Sailors with disAbilities (SWD) do and the great odds of this unique fundraiser. Grace is full of enthusiasm for sailing and how it has changed her life for the better. She was at the helm when the SWD yacht crossed the line in the 2013 Sydney to Hobart Race – an amazing achievement for any 19 year old! You can watch the show here



31st July – 1st August Looking Amazing at Sydney Boat Show

The Sailors with disAbilities stand at the Sydney Boat Show was busy for the full 5 days with many people jumping on board the raffle prize ‘Amazing Grace’… standing behind the wheel… and imagining their new lifestyle as the lucky winner. We heard lots of comments from ticket buyers along the lines of… “It’s great to think that my $100 donation will give 2 kids with disability the opportunity get to go out sailing for the day. And if I win a yacht as well…even better!” The stand at the show also included the orange faceboat Moksha with more SWD volunteers on board to chat to interested visitors about the life changing opportunities SWD provide. Tickets are selling fast – buy yours today




July 11th Christening by NSW Premier Mike Baird

A perfect Sydney day greeted NSW Premier Mike Baird as he arrived at Middle Harbour Yacht Club to officially name the prize Hanse 345 in the Amazing Grace raffle.

Mike Baird spent time chatting to Grace Kennedy before the ceremony, leaning about the skills needed to race to Hobart. In a short speech Mr Baird praised Grace’s courage and dedication. Grace was just 19 when she took part in the race.

Mr Baird also took time to recognise David Pescud the founder of Sailors with disAbilities and the opportunity the organisation offers to over 3000 children and adults living with disability or at disadvantage each year. Windcraft’s Mary Bickley then read out the traditional Christening poem before Grace Kennedy and Mike Baird poured champagne over the bow of the boat.

The yacht looked absolutely fabulous in the Sydney sunshine. It’s amazing to think that someone will win this yacht for $100! Tickets are selling fast – buy yours today


grace 2


July 10th Commissioning Complete

Amazing Grace is now completely commissioned and ready to sail down to Sydney Harbour for her Christening. She looks absolutely stunning in the afternoon sun at Windcraft’s base in Bayview.

This is a perfect yacht for a couple or family – the self-tacking headsail means that she is easy to sail even single or short-handed. Little extras like the locally-fitted bimini mean she is ready to sail away. Tickets are selling fast – buy yours today

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June 23rd “Amazing Grace” arrives


Amazing Grace arrives

The prize yacht is now in Australia.The brand new Hanse 345 was delivered to Bayview this week and the commissioning process was quickly underway with many of our skilled contractors donating their services in support of SWD. The yacht is named “Amazing Grace” after Grace Kennedy.

Grace completed the Sydney to Hobart yacht race with SWD in 2013 despite being just 19 and having Spina Bifida. Grace was on hand yesterday and proud to see the yacht arrive – after all it’s not every day that you have a yacht named after you! Grace said: “It’s fantastic that Windcraft are supporting SWD with this raffle. The money will help more people like me to experience the joy of sailing, become part of this fantastic, supportive community and realise they don’t need to be defined or confined by their disability.”

grace arrival

Busy June Weekend

Saturday 21st June Channel 7 Weekender did a film shoot on Sydney Harbour that will be part of the promotion of Sydney International Boat Show. As the “prize” was still in transit a movie double was quickly arranged (huge thanks to the owners of the Hanse 345 “Be Calm”)

A perfect Sydney Harbour day – blue sky and sunshine meant that both the TV crew and SWD crew had a wonderful time! Sunday 22nd June The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia are very supportive of the Yacht Raffle and lent us a berth for the weekends activities.

The prize look-a-like was on display all day Sunday with tickets selling like hotcakes. Many people came to see what they consider already “their boat” and were busy planning weekends away with loved ones. It’s incredible to think that someone will win this great yacht for $100!

win a hanse

Marcus Blackmore Supports Raffle

Avid sailor and Chairman of Blackmores Ltd, Marcus Blackmore has called on all sailors to support the Windcraft Group’s second Hanse yacht raffle.

According to Blackmore “Last year Grace Kennedy, confined to a wheelchair existence with Spina Bifida, did what could be called the ‘Everest of Sailing’ by crewing on a yacht in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race with the help of that amazing organisation Sailors With DisABILITIES.

For Grace this was a life changing experience and one that others with disabilities could also experience if we support this deserving charity run by David Pescud. We read daily about the issue of Disability Insurance but there can be nothing more rewarding than helping disadvantaged people to help themselves, Sailors with Dis​ABILITIES does just that.​ I call on all sailors to support this raffle. “​ In honour of Grace Kennedy’s achievement in 2013 the prize will be christened “Amazing Grace”.

The yacht arrives at Bayview Anchorage Marine, Pittwater on 23rd June to undergo commissioning before sailing down to Sydney Harbour. There are just 5000 tickets for sale at $100 each. You can support us by buying a ticket online at

sailors with disabilities

May 2014 heading to Queensland…

In May we headed to Queensland for the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Ticket sales were good and one family was delighted to discover they can take their wheelchair bound daughter sailing when SWD head North later this year. The prize yacht is already on it’s way and will arrive in Australia on 17th June! She’s on ship from Bremmerhaven called the Morning Composer… Where would you sail first if you won? Buy your ticket online here


Raffle Launched 31st March

On 31st March 2014 Team Windcraft launched their second Hanse yacht raffle this time in support of Sailors with disABILITIES (SWD) The official announcement was made at the prizegiving dinner at the annual Pittwater Windcraft Owners’ Rally. Windcraft Group owners and Team Windcraft staff wore red shirts with SWD logos to show their support. Speeches by SWD Sydney to Hobart participants had everyone listening intently – the achievements and accomplishments of these sailors are very inspiring. The raffle announcement provided a spectacular climax to a great day and Windcraft were overwhelmed by the positive and generous response. You can support our raffle by buying a ticket online today

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