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Hanse 415 - Delights New Owner on the Perfect Delivery trip from Brisbane to Melbourne!

In 5 – 37knts – Hanse 415, “Matadore” delighted new owner, Philip Endersbee on her Brisbane to Melbourne delivery. In his words…

“After a good (perfect) tick by a marine surveyor we started sailing Matadore south to Pittwater.

The forecast looked good (be careful) and so we ventured out round the top of Morton Island with a light 5 to 10 knot southerly. At night it got stronger & stronger – by 1am we were punching into 25knts & pounding through a 2 metre swell… Any cobwebs in the rigging got blown or shaken out! We did pound a fair bit but the yacht handled all very well.
The third night saw the breeze move to the north and again strengthen through the night. Getting many gusts at 37 knots we put the yacht on auto pilot and just surfed towards Pittwater with a 3 metre swell as the breeze steadied at 30 knots.

We were quite surprised at how well the yacht held the line under auto pilot and by the time we got to Windcraft in Pittwater the only gear failure we had was the cutlery draw!  Overall absolutely delighted with the yacht and look forward to the next leg from Pittwater to Melbourne’s greatest club – Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. We will now have 6 Hanse’s at the Club when we get there in October”

Philip Endersbee – Hanse 415 – ‘Matadore’

10th Windcraft Pittwater Rally Prize Winner sets Sail

Remember the 10th Pittwater Windcraft Owners’ Rally earlier in the year?

…the fun on the water, the celebrations off the water and of course the wonderful prizes, donated by our amazing sponsors.

There was an extra special lucky door prize this year – a headsail kindly donated by North Sails and there was one very happy winner – Mike Barry!

Mike and his Hanse 385, Elara from Lake Macquarie actually had a Norths Gennaker so Mike decided on a new self-tacking headsail.

Billy Sykes from Norths presented it to him with Team Windcraft’s Mary Bickley…

and Mike wasted no time getting it out on the water to test it out. Here’s his verdict…

Good Afternoon Mary,

The car was fixed by late Friday afternoon and I picked it up with the new
sail late Saturday morning.  The weather on Sunday turned out great for our first family sail of the season and I had all these available crew to assist with the headsail change after we had lunch down the Lake. Couldn’t wait any longer. So here are the first photos of the sail in use. There was not much wind when we were heading home & it was all down-wind sailing.

It is a very nice looking sail and, if it performs as well as it looks, it will be a great improvement. Looking forward to our first sail in a good nor’easter.

Thanks again & Best Regards

Mike and Selma Barry – ‘Elara’ – Hanse 385

Why Did Chris Dickson MBE Choose a Hanse 505?

Hanse 505….

In the Med this year and next. Caribbean end of next year, Bermuda for Americas Cup, eventually NZ.


With my wife and two daughters wanted a well built, reliable and safe, modern family cruiser that sails well and is suitable for shorthanded ocean passages to eventually make its way back to the South Pacific…

Hanse 400 Success in Tasmania

“Hi Mary

I thought I’d keep you up to date on our performance in the Hobart Combined Clubs Long Race Series. We had to beat TasPaints by 6 points in the last race, which I thought was pretty unlikely, but the weather helped by leaving a big hole mid-Derwent where we were able to make up for problems like losing our mast-head spinnaker halyard at the start line. Pretty proud of the third on AMS particularly against the likes of Don Calvert on Intrigue.”

David Brett

David keeps Illusion his Hanse 400 DSS and enjoys racing. He won 2014’s Post-Christmas twilight series at DSS/RYCT and did pretty well in the Launceston to Hobart.

Father and Son Share Magic Times on the Water

Once again Mary, a sincere thanks to you and the team…

Please forgive … I also meant to extend a great deal of thanks to you + the Windcraft Team for all your efforts … Nic + I had a great time … it was a pleasure meeting up with others … exceptional … and all your hard work should not be overlooked … thanks …

A further word of thanks … the main on Ghost … thanks for organising this … and how good is this … a tight sail … wow … what a difference … pushing out of Port Stephens into the wind … sails tight … wonderful performance … down wind … delightful … the sail home frequently saw us running at over 10 kts … comfortably … with me down below cooking …

The smile on my face … Nic’s face is a testimony to the agility and power of these yachts … and then an ongoing confirmation to anyone who asks … these yachts … even something as large as a 47 … can be sailed short handed … a father and son … in even the most extreme conditions … and then when you want performance … there is no disappointment …

At Port Stephens it was delightful to talk … excite others … with the possibilities opportunities with their yacht … to give confidence … to identify opportunity …

Stephen Lesiuk – Hanse 470e “Ghost”

"Considering" the Hanse 325

Hi Mary

Please find attached some photos of  “Considering” and where we have been.

We have had her for just over 12 months after purchasing her from the original owner.

She was like brand new.Just about every second weekend Kath and I go to Great Keppel Island either as a day trip or for the weekend.

Last August we went from Yeppoon to Percy Island. We ended up spending 9 days out. We ran in to some bad weather and had 2 additional nights at Pearl Bay (poor us).

Over the Christmas and New Year period we went from Yeppoon out Fitzroy Reef. We spent the first night at GKI, second at Masthead Island, three nights at Fitzroy Reef, a night at North West Island and a final night at GKI.

We love “Considering” and recommend Hanse 325 as a good coastal cruiser for two.

I also have to say that the service Windcraft has given me is fantastic, we will be back.



Owner – Hanse 325 “Considering”

Renaissance Reflections

We have now had Renaissance (Hanse 415) for over six months so I thought it was a good time to reflect on our journey.

After sailing as crew on yachts for many years, an absence for too many years and much encouragement from wife Jennie and family, I decided it was time to get my own yacht. I wanted a yacht that could used for comfortable cruising, be sailed short handed yet still be fast enough to be competitive in club racing. We are also keen to get our children, and eventually grandchildren involved. We chose a Hanse as they are purpose designed for a self tacker, they have great lines, are roomy, comfortable, well fitted out and perform well.

We took delivery in Melbourne in May 2014 and with the help of Nick Jones and Allan Bridge sailed her down to Martha Cove at Safety Beach. Delivery video on web site shows off our hot pink gennaker and a speed of 9.1 kts. Since then we have competed in the Safety Beach Sailing Club (home club) winter series coming 4th overall. We are now into the summer Friday night series, no kites.

Jennie, who is not a sailor, has taken to sailing like a duck to water. She comes out most races, is very enthusiastic, competitive and is even giving me advice now. Friday nights usually involves dinner at the club or a BBQ on the boat.  We stay on board after as the berth is only a few minutes walk from the club. Below decks she is very roomy and comfortable. We have the two berth, two head layout with long galley and second fridge. Plenty of bench space, sitting and eating areas and a great shower. A home away from home.

Performance wise Renaissance seems to like at least 10 knots of breeze and really starts to lift her tail in 15+knots. We have been able to carry full rig upto 20 knots without rounding up issues and yet remain dry. In lighter airs she struggles a little against other yachts with genoas. May have to consider one for a little extra performance plus give the crew a bit more to do. Tacking is so easy and fast with the self-tacker.

We now have a regular crew of three and are getting to know the boat better and what works or doesn’t work. We have been fortunate enough to have Nick Jones, Windcraft Melbourne Manager, come out with us a couple of times to give us a few pointers. Nick is doing a great job down here and nothing seems to be too much trouble, whether it be a bit of advice, a small repair or a helping hand. We have yet to do any cruising but so far are more than happy with our decision. Renaissance meets all our criteria and we are getting so much enjoyment from her.

Thanks Mary for your help and sound advice on fit out and to Nick for everything he has done since arriving in Melbourne.

Best Regards, David and Jennie

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Last weekend I was reminded how well Zulu sailed in 10 knots. This weekend we had 15 to 20 and she was a dream to single hand.

Threading thru racing fleets was interesting – the capacity to tack so easily and without notice made it all dead easy. Hard on the wind she was quick and 20 knots on the beam had Zulu absolutely flying. It was hard getting the smile off my face.

Peter Frame ‘Zulu’ Hanse 375, August 2012

Hanse 325 "Windermere" Arrives Home

Dear Mary, Bob, Nick, Allan, Dave and the Windcraft Team.

After an eventful trip from Pittwater, “Windermere” looks beautiful on her mooring at Greenwich, and is creating a lot of interest around the district. It is lovely to have her home, and be able to walk down and look at her whenever we feel like it , or to be sailing in 10 minutes.

However we did enjoy our time at Bayview with you very much. It was a great experience buying the boat from you and we appreciate all the support and assistance that you have given us. You are such a professional and friendly team to be associated with that you made it very easy for us.

Marina life is great and we got very used to stepping on and off the boat . Going back to a dinghy is taking a little getting used to. Two old retired guys picked the worst day in three months to bring her home. The reefing set up worked brilliantly with 35 knots on the nose for 3 hours and waves breaking over the top. The boat handled it very well, ( better than it’s crew, we were exhausted.)

Many Thanks to you all. We will catch up soon.

Al and Sue Mc Iver – May 2011

Al and Sue compared a number of new yachts for sale before they decided on their Hanse 325.

Here’s their story.

I have been sailing on Pittwater and the Harbour for some 25 years. Having owned a number of 38′ monohulls and catamarans I decided to scale down to a boat I can easily handle on my own and can also comfortably take five other bodies.

I looked at lots of new yachts for sale -it took some time to find a yacht that met my requirements. I wanted a well fitted out boat, with a purpose designed self tacking jib (that feature is fantastic) with other good fittings. The Danish yacht steering system is without a doubt a significant feature. Like most toys in life the product must also look good!

I think the new Hanse design now common to most hulls is pleasing on the eye and practical. My sails so far have been in windy conditions and I have been very pleased with performance and ease of a well tested reefing system.

Looking forward to summer and good north easterlies!

Roger Burn ‘Baby Gita’ – Hanse 320

Spending a lot of money in buying a boat is a pretty emotional experience. You look at yachts for sale and try to temper the emotion by being realistic in your assessment of the various options.

Lynne and I were looking for a boat which was big enough to be comfortable but small enough to sail short handed. We wanted the convenience of a proper galley, decent head and shower and plenty of room down below…but we didn’t want a floating caravan.

We didn’t want a stripped out racing yacht but we did want a yacht which would be competitive around the buoys and which could undertake a passage quickly and safely.  We looked at a number of yachts and chose the Hanse 370e as fitting our requirements better than the others.

We particularly liked the self-tacking headsail, the large cockpit and large head with separate shower. We reckon it looks like a proper yacht and we have been delighted in its performance – it points well and is pretty slippery.

We have also been impressed with the continuing interest and support from you guys.

P.S. We had a second over the line and win on handicap yesterday.

Fred Murray-Walker – ‘Muddy Waters’ – Hanse 370e

We are really enjoying Trim! She spent her first 6 months on Pittwater, then 6 months at Newcastle CYC, and is currently residing at Marmong Point on Lake Macquarie.

We have found the 370e to be a delight to sail. The performance is good and the self-tacking headsail makes life so easy. The cabin layout is very spacious and comfortable.

Hope to catch up with all the Hanse crew at Darling Harbour.

Peter and Pamela Ireland – ‘Trim’ – Hanse 370e

Hanse 400e – what’s not to love?

Her name is Bling, she’s our 14th yacht and the first one we’ve ever had that’s not had us thinking about the next one! 

This boat has exceeded out expectations on many fronts: she’s stylish and modern, as all new Hanse’s are, but she outperforms all other production boats in Pittwater – a fast, sleek cruiser.

Great lines, high quality finish and room to swing a large cat, the experience is enhanced further by great after-sales service by a team committed to their product and clients. 

The number of new boats in Australia is itself testimony to Hanse – they have got the offering right. We love this boat – what else can we say? … ”

Charles and Sylvia – ‘Bling’ – Hanse 400e

When I looked at yachts for sale and bought the 400e I loaded up on the extras needed for comfortable cruising and the ‘long lunch on Sydney Harbour’ type of sailing – the barbie, the dodger and awning etc. She has proved very comfortable for family outings with the five of us.

I also wanted to do twilights and other club racing, and this is where she is deceptively quick. I invested in a couple of North’s sails, and we’ve several first places over a range of different courses. 

The tall rig and sail area work well, and the self-tacker is a definite advantage in breezes over 20 knots. Get yourself an asymmetric – they’re so much fun and also handy when cruising.

All in all, a well balanced yacht that is easy to handle and can be competitively campaigned with a family or rock-star crew.

Jeff and Yvette Mitchell – ‘Tiramisu’ – Hanse 400e

Hanse 470e called Sunboy

Dear Mr Schmidt,

My wife and I owned a Hanse 470e called Sunboy.

My wife, my two daughters, Nikola who was then 14, my daughter Alayna who was then 9 sailed on her in England prior to leaving the UK in May 2009.

We sailed across the Channel to France and then to the Channel Islands where we were joined by our family friend Luke who was then 18.

sunboyIt is fair to say that my family did not have very much sailing experience and Luke had never been on a yacht before.

We ended up sailing our boat across the Atlantic, through the Panama and then across the Pacific reaching our home port in Coffs Harbour Australia in September 2010, sailing nearly 16,000 miles.

The boat was fantastic, so easy to sail and she performed so well in the oceans of the world.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this boat for any family contemplating sailing around the world.

When we arrived in Australia, we contacted Windcraft in Sydney in relation to having some leaking windows repaired, which had been a bit of an ongoing issue but one which we had been assured would be rectified when we arrived back home in Australia. I have just returned from Windcraft after spending a few days there getting the work done on our boat.

nick-jonesI would simply like to draw to your attention what an incredible group of people they are at Team Windcraft but in particular single out Mr Nick Jones.

I have been exposed to many great after sales managers in my time relating to non marine based companies and have been exposed to some not so great after sales staff in all walks of life.

I say without reservation that the level of service and professionalism that Nick Jones presented to me was simply exceptional.

His identification of problems and how he dealt with them left me feeling complete and total satisfaction.

I will be singing the praises of this company while Team Windcraft continue to employ such wonderful people like Nick and the technicians he engages.

Thank you for producing such a wonderful boat as the Hanse 470 and for allowing me and my family to have been able to experience one of the most memorable adventures we will ever be able to have in our lives.

Thank you for having people like Team Windcraft to look after your valuable customers.

Kind regards,

Allan Sparkes

Coffs Harbour, NSW

Read more about Allan Sparkes here