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Sailing the World on a Hanse 455 - Setting up the Yacht

The European Handover - Meet Windcraft's Tom Barker

The European Handover - Meet Windcraft's Tom Barker

Fil, El and Aiden have begun their round the world adventure on new Hanse 455, ‘Tranquilo’.  However, before they set off they shared an insight into the handover process with Windcraft representative Tom Barker in Episode 2 of their video series.

Tom arrived in Slovenia seven days before the family to oversee the final commissioning process. His role in his words, “to look over the boat and do the final testing. Test out all the systems of the boat, make sure she was commissioned properly. And make sure all of the final important jobs were done and the boat was fully set up.”

Tom then spent two days with the handover process, showing the family all the systems of the boat and how it all works. Then another three more days doing further test sailing and some extra training.

Special Equipment

Fil, El and Aiden are producing videos as they travel and in Episode 2 they feature Tom’s handover process and go through some special equipment that they purchased to make life easier and safer while sailing the world.

A few highlights include:

a GPS watch for Aiden, a vacuum food sealer for saving electricity by not having a freezer and only having a fridge. 20 litre plastic water containers for the Atlantic crossing.

Other essential equipment includes:

Aiden’s harness –  Fil explains that Aiden will go to the first spreader on the mast and guide them through atolls.

Also important, tethers for people on the boat for if she gets over 15 knots.

And…jackstays, another crucial bit of safety equipment. Fil explains that with them it means crew can walk up and down the boat at night or in rough seas in safety.

A radar reflector is another great bit of kit which goes up the mast to enhance Tranquilo’s presence on the radar.

The First Test Sail

The First Test Sail

Some highlights in this episode are:

Tom taking the family  through the check list before handover.

He shows them around the boat and explains how he does a visual check of everything.

He checks equipment like the bow thruster,  the multi-sensor for B& G instruments, the charging units, the Victron Energy Monitor and Gas monitor.

03:10 – The first test sail on Tranquilo with Tom at the helm

03:45 – Tom demonstrates a good way of using the autopilot if sailing shorthanded

05;15 – Tom goes through how to hoist the spinnaker and a spinnaker lesson

Tranquilo finally gets her name applied.

18:30 – The naming ceremony and champagne toast.

Powering Your Yacht to go around the world

Another essential part of the set up was testing the energy generator. In Episode 3 El explains why they chose a water turbine instead of solar or wind.

El says that they considered solar and a wind turbine but decided to install a Watt & Sea hydro generator, a system used by the Volvo ocean racers.

Why? Watch the video to find out!

In Episode 3, some interesting highlights are:

01:20 – Installing the Watt & Sea hydro generator and wiring it up to the batteries

02:29 – Fil talks through the test process. They have to go at various speeds with the engine to see what amp hours they are producing.

Watch the video to see the results!

Fil adds the final touch to Tranquilo – her maritime Australian flag. Then good friends join them  to toast the new yacht and wish them luck on their adventures.

In the next video…..the family sail to Istria, Croatia and explore more of the history of Croatia and Slovenia.

You can follow Fil, El and Aiden’s sailing adventures  on Instagram, Facebook and You Tube. Their fabulous blog is a great read – full of great information if you are thinking of doing the same!

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