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Anthony Bishop - Managing Director, Team Windcraft

Anthony Bishop comes from a Sales and Marketing background, but in September 2016 when he saw Team Windcraft was for sale, a spark ignited in him that couldn’t be put out- his passion for design, boats, sailing and the Windcraft brand pulled him towards the company.

He was already a satisfied Windcraft customer, owning both a Dehler 38 and Axopar 28, and he loved the family run nature of the business and the passion of the team.

Anthony has always had a passion for good design. He recognises the function, but is truly thrilled by the form, describing Solaris boats as “pieces of artwork”.

Now as the owner of Team Windcraft, Anthony is looking forward to taking the brand to the next level.


For the life of the relationship with Windcraft customers, Anthony wants to continue to offer the right combination of meticulous service, setting expectations early, understanding their needs and showing them how to get the best from their boat.

“…when you have the best boats available combined with such a great team who simply love what they do then I suspect that infectious pull I experienced will be felt by many more boat owners too”.  Read more about Anthony

Mary Bickley - Hanse Brand Manager, Team Windcraft Pittwater

Mary’s passion for sailing began with windsurfing on the south coast of England and Portugal while at university.  One of few ladies participating in the relatively new sport, Mary relished all styles from wave jumping to long board racing. But it was the emerging marina scene in Portugal that sparked her interest in yachts.

First boats were a Hartley TS 16 raced from Bayview’s BYRA, followed by a Boomeroo 22. Then came a Northshore 370 and the discovery of Ladies Tuesday night racing from the RPAYC.

A six month cruise up the east coast of Australia with her family is a highlight of Mary’s sailing career.  She’s found that fulfilling this long held dream has proved invaluable in helping prospective Hanse owners realise their own dreams.

When it comes to Hanse, Mary knows every model like the back of her hand. Her energy, passion and commitment to buyers and owners is endless…from her bespoke handover ceremonies to her involvement in owners rallies. She’s a familiar, friendly face at boat shows and welcomes everyone to the Windcraft family with open arms. Mary also enjoys sharing experiences and sailing tips on her blog

Nick Jones - Team Windcraft Melbourne Manager

Nick started sailing at 12 and progressed from pulling spare ropes on a Cavalier 350 SL, a Northshore 38 and a Farr 12-20 to doing a couple of seasons on the foredeck of a Northshore 369.

When he left school Nick worked in a computer lab for 4 years – but he really craved being outdoors.  So he went back to yachts and cut his teeth working at Pittwater Yacht Charter – helping to maintain the charter fleet and briefing charter customers.

Nick joined Windcraft in 2004 in a customer service role which he held until 2013 when he relocated to Melbourne as Branch Manager.

In Melbourne Nick takes care of new sales, brokerage and after sales care. He’s always on hand to help owners – whether that’s driving their yacht off a marina berth on a windy day, advising on extra kit for coastal passages or stepping in to crew on race day!

Dominic Lowe - Team Windcraft New Zealand Manager

Dominic Lowe began his sailing career at the tender age of 5. He’s owned various vessels over the years… including wakeboards, surfboards, kayaks and yachts.  Dom’s first boat was a marine ply yacht bilge keeler which after many hours work became the first of many boats he subsequently bought and sold.

At 19 Dom began his sales career and was a yacht broker by 21. After a few years cutting his teeth in the yacht industry he became an offshore navigator on a seismic research vessel and travelled the globe. But it wasn’t long before he returned to his passion for boat sales and support. With his experience and multiple global boat shows Dom was offered his dream job…to head up Windcraft’s New Zealand office.

For Dom it’s not just about the boats.  He loves introducing buyers to their new lifestyle. And enjoys lasting relationships with new owners, often joining them for a day of racing or cruising.