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Windcraft Founder decides to buy his family a Hanse 455

Windcraft Founder decides to buy his family a Hanse 455

Retiring Windcraft boss Peter Hrones is treating himself to a Hanse 455 to sail on with his family.

This is a sure sign that there’s something special about this model…

While Peter’s new Hanse 455 is being built at the factory, we asked him why he decided on this particular Hanse model? And he shared a list of top features that were important to him.

“The Hanse 455 on paper has the best sail to weight ratio of all the Hanses. She also has 22m tapered mast (approx 2 metres taller than other 45 ft production yachts)

The strength of the boat was a big plus. I’m so pleased the Hanse factory made the main bulkhead into carbon for extra stiffness. There are multiple layers of carbon on this main bulkhead.

When you’ve a big family the internal layout – the aft galley and “loungy ” saloon with a drop down table works well! I love the cockpit size for entertaining with cool BBQ under the seat. And the kids like the cabin top sunbeds, like we had on the Moody 45DS!

I like the huge sail locker in the bow where I can store the dinghy and outboard plus some sails.

From a berthing, handling and racing point of view, this is a nice size boat for me, whether sailing single handed or with a crew of 6 or 7 at Hamo race week. I will add a Norths G2 and code 0 but know l can race with the self-tacker alone.”

Top Model Status

Top Model Status

Hanse’s most popular model is certainly striking, stunning and stylish.

But it takes a certain something to reach top model status and hit the popularity stakes big time!

With over 200 sold worldwide (8 sold in NZ alone) in just 18 months. New Zealand is a current hot spot, so we asked Windcraft NZ Branch Manager, Dom Lowe why he thinks the Hanse 455 is proving so successful…



“The 455 is a strong boat.

We get some pretty adverse conditions Downunder so structural integrity is important.

And so for example, the carbon composite bulkhead gives the boat huge strength around the saloon area.


2. Light, light, and more light

2. Light, light, and more light

This model has double the number of coach roof saloon hatches compared to the previous one. And the hull windows are now twice the size of the predecessor. The mirrors catch even more natural light.  So the amount of light down below is much greater than most other boats of this size.

Even buyers from a motorboat background find the interior light and airy and they love the water views from the saloon.

The companionway steps are another bonus – the gradual entry makes for an easy entry into the saloon.

Then there’s the island berth. It may seem like a small thing but the ability to get in and out of bed at night, without waking up your partner is great. You go from the 40 foot to 45, get an island berth and you can have your beauty sleep!

3. Performance

3. Performance

For a lot of people the performance is a huge plus.

I keep getting excited texts from owners who have just sailed over and away from larger production boats. Many say they’re not interested in racing but admit it feels good to be out in front!

One of the reasons why the 455 is so quick is that there’s 7m² more sail area than the previous model. Not to mention the extra waterline length. That combined with the fact that all Hanses have got that element of speed with the Judel & Vrolijk hull, makes it a very quick boat.

4. Size is Everything!

4. Size is Everything!

Here in New Zealand, the most popular boat size has increased over the years. It seems now that a 14m yacht is the new 12m. As the yachts become easier to handle, people are bolder with their size choice.

The Hanse 415 is very popular – we have 16 here. The 455  has got the best features from this model.. plus more! There’s some great new features that can only be found on a larger vessel.

And all this in a boat that can go in a 14 metre berth.

Hanses have always been known for performance but now they’ve really stepped up with their finishings as well. So the styling and finishing of the interiors appeals to more people. They’ve got a real winning combination with all of it. New buyers get the best of both worlds.

The major plus with all Hanses is just how easy they are to sail, illustrated beautifully with Dom’s latest handover to a new 455 owner in New Zealand.

5. Easy Sailing

5. Easy Sailing

“The new owners had never owned a yacht before. And never sailed before! Their Hanse 455 is their first ever sailing boat. And they chose it because it’s so easy to sail with a self-tacking head-sail and everything running back to the helm.

There’s been an amazing transformation in 6 weeks. On handover day,  I normally put the boat in and out of the berth a couple of times. But the new owner was keen to do it himself. And he berthed it by himself for the first time, not perfect but we were safely home…the second time was faultless. Easy peasy.”

In just six weeks the new 455 owners have been to Great Barrier Island, Waiheke Island, Kawau Island and they joined Team Windcraft on the 2017 New Zealand Owner’s Rally.

Just like any new model before her first runway…there was a bit of anticipation before the rally for this new yacht, “Winslow” and her new owners…

Rally Results Say it All

Rally Results Say it All

Dom told us…

“The new owner said he wanted to go it alone and see how he did against the other boats. Out of 9 boats in his division…he came 4th. The only people that beat them were a Dehler 41, a Hanse 415 and a Moody 45 DS…all qualified guys with racing histories…After I told him his result, the owner said “That’s good, I’ve gotta try harder then!”

Now he’s cut his teeth on racing, I think he’ll continue. It’s just a case of getting more experience and finding more opportunities.”

So strength, beauty and speed…plus the backing of some well respected industry professionals has put the 455 firmly ahead of the pack.

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